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Suffolk Downs Boston Casino Vote Could Be Photo Finish

Posted by Rwaq on 25/02/2020
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Suffolk Downs Boston Casino Vote Could Be Photo Finish

This neck and neck finish at Suffolk Downs Boston-area racetrack is symbolic of how their casino vote is unfolding. (Image supply: Boston World)

In the town of Boston, there’s just one issue keeping city residents up at night these days: can the Red Sox win their under developed Series title in 10 years? But while David Ortiz therefore the rest of the Sox are busy battling the St. Louis Cardinals for baseball bragging liberties, there’s another battle brewing under the surface also it could possibly be just as contentious as the obstruction ruling that finished Game 3.

Bugles Playing ‘First Call’

Both supporters and opponents associated with the plan to build a casino in East Boston are ramping up their efforts to get down the vote in the last times before the November 5th election, as both sides are anticipating a close race that could drop to voter turnout. The casino, which may be placed at Suffolk Downs, became a hotly debated issue in churches, on street corners, and also among prospects for mayor.

Anti-casino forces feel just like they’re seeing some potential for the noticeable change by means of the vote though that could be either positive or negative. The exit of Caesars Entertainment being a partner for Suffolk Downs in the casino bid recently has thrown the competition into chaos, since it has confused voters over whether or not they wish to support the plan.

That confusion has shown up in the polling of a Continue Reading

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