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Predatory Lending

Posted by Rwaq on 19/02/2020
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Predatory Lending

What’s Predatory Lending?

Lending and mortgage origination methods become “predatory” if the debtor is led into a transaction that’s not whatever they expected.

Predatory financing methods may include lenders, home loans, real estate agents, solicitors, and do it yourself contractors. Their schemes frequently target those that have little incomes but significant equities in their domiciles.

Services and products by themselves are not predatory. As an example, financing having a adjustable rate of interest could be an extremely good monetary tool for several borrowers.

But, in the event that debtor is sold that loan having a adjustable rate of interest disguised as a mortgage loan with a hard and fast interest, the borrower could be the victim of a bait and switch or lending practice that is predatory. Continue Reading

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