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Metis Case Study: Helping CMA Consulting Remain on the New

Posted by Rwaq on 30/09/2019
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Metis Case Study: Helping CMA Consulting Remain on the New

CMA Technique Consulting is actually a boutique visiting firm focused entirely on the telecoms, media, plus high tech industries. With numerous rows of information coming in just for analysis, CMA saw an opportunity to evolve her capabilities and ensure its assistance remained on often the cutting edge. The Corporate Schooling team had been selected to skill upward 75% within the company, with analysts and managers to principals, by way of a contextualized subjects taught real time and stay online. On account of developing their whole Python competencies through Metis, the team may possibly build styles that run twenty two. 5 times faster than their Excel-based furnishings.


As being the datasets CMA used in sufficient research and strategy projects regarding private equity and even Technology Medium and Telecommunications operator purchasers began to improve exponentially, the exact firm discovered that Excel’s limitations like a data research tool ended up impeding it is ability to progression data within the volume along with speed it again needed. They recognized the fact that proactively upskilling their experience with Python would increase efficiency while maintaining the high quality of research they were reputed for. After primarily providing female training, CMA soon realized that engaging analysts in files science coaching could help step its analysts’ skill packages ahead of the necessities and execute a company-wide alteration of her data investigation. Continue Reading

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